Plants and Produce

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Plants and produce for sale


We grow all our produce with organic composts and use no sprays or pesticides.  All natural and wholesome.



Casia $5 – $8


Milkweed  $5 – $8

If you like butterflies this is the plant you need !

Purple Butterfly pea vine  $5 – $8


Purple porterweed – Honey Bees love the beautiful purple flowers on this wonderful native Florida plant

$4 – $8


Plumaria plant

Plumaria flowering plant

Plumaria – This Hawaiian plant creates beautiful fragrant flowers.  We have many sizes of this plant available.

$5.00 – $25.00


Canna Lily – An easy to grow beautiful lily with magnificent red flowers

$4 – $8


White and yellow Orchids – We have several beautiful orchids available



Edible & Herb plants for sale


Parsley  $2.00

Aloe plant

Aloe plant

Aloe vera – We have many sizes of this edible healing plant.

Starting at $2.00



Lemongrass – This wonderful fragrant plant makes the most delicious tea and is used in many dishes.

Click here to learn more about lemongrass

Plants from $5.00

Bundle of stalks from $2.00


Pineapple plants for sale


Pineapple – It’s heavenly when you enjoy a delicious pineapple you just picked from your garden.   These are a fairly easy to grow plant which will usually produce a fruit a season.  They grow in shade but do much better in full sun.

$5.00 up

pigeon peas

Pigeon peas

Pigeon Pea  (Large 3-4′ tall) (Cajanus cajan) is a perennial legume containing high levels of protein and the important amino acids methionine, lysine, and tryptophan


Limited – 1 plant left (frost hurt us this year)

Moringa trees – We have several healthy moringa trees available.  One of the healthiest most nutritious plants on the planet.

Limited – 1 plant left 

$10 -$20.00

Hoja Santa aka root beer plant – The leaves of this plant are often used in Mexican cooking as a wrap in cooking.  Also an ingredient in Mole sauce.


Prickly pear cactus – This cactus is used in many dishes. Prickly pears are also known as tuna (fruit), sabra, nopal (paddle, plural nopales).

$5.00 – $10.00

In Mexico, prickly pears are often used to make appetizers, soups, and salads through entrees, vegetable dishes, and breads to desserts, candy, jelly or beverages. They are commonly used in Mexican cuisine in dishes such as huevos con nopales (eggs with nopal), or tacos de nopales. Nopales are also an important ingredient in New Mexican cuisine.


We don’t store all our seeds at the Bee Farm so let us know if there’s anything in particular you’re looking for.

Moringa – All from the Florida Bee Farm


Sugar Cane starter stalks