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Plants and Veggies

Veggies for sale


We grow all our produce from seed with organic composts and nutrients using no toxic sprays or pesticides.  All natural and wholesome.    Our selection is limited this year as we’re working to focus on a small group of winter veggies and herbs.

Harvest season is over until January of 2020


Plants for sale


Growing plants that our Honey Bees enjoy.   Due to more than a few requests, our bees favorite plants are now available for sale.  So much fun observing honey bees and native bees as they gather pollen and nectar.

Remember to call before coming out to make sure we’re out there.


Currently Available   $2 – $10 

African Blue Basil – The Bees favorite !!  Besides being an edible basil, this is a great plant to grow if you love watching honey bees.
Purple Butterfly Pea – Edible flowers.  Nice climbing vine.  We also have seeds available.
Purple Porterweed – This plant is the easiest plant in the world to grow.  Spreads but makes a nice hedge that is loaded with flowers that Bees absolutely love.
Lemongrass Plants – Makes a soothing wonderful tea and also used in cooking
Balloon Milkweed – Interesting looking Milkweed plant.  Great for Monarch Butterflies and are a food source for Monarch butterfly caterpillars
Tomato Plants – We are growing many different varieties of tomato plants this year.  Plants will be available late August or September. 
Pineapple Plants – Nothing like fresh pineapple from your own garden.
Cardamom – Cardamom is a aromatic sweet aromatic herb not only employed in cooking but also part of traditional medicine and tea. Cardamom is the third most expensive spice in the world and has a rich history of use in many countries as part of spice blends, and as a crucial ingredient in Scandinavian pastries.
Bell Pepper plants – We are growing California Wonder variety this year.
Green Beans – Delicious

Herbs – Dill, Basil and Parsley

Quantities limited