Raw Local Honey

Gently filtered to retain the healthy honey components

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Local Raw honey

Our August batch is without a doubt the best batch of our natural raw local honey yet so get it while it lasts. We also have a limited amount of honeycomb. Everybody loves the rich flavor of this dark honey. We don’t treat our bees with chemicals or feed them sugar water. All natural.  This is what makes our honey so much better than others out there.


$12 16 oz.
$9  12 oz Bear
$7  8 oz.    .

Pick it up at the Bee Farm or in the Countryside area of Clearwater.  Please call before coming out. We are usually out at the Bee Farm during the weekdays between 9 and 2.

Selling honey, plants and lip balm at Sweetwater Organic Farm in Tampa was fun and we made a lot of new friends.

Because of high demand, we already sold a good portion of our 2017 honey harvest so we will be not be returning to Sweetwater.

Contact us directly to purchase the best honey ever.




Don’t even think about comparing our honey prices

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