Raw Local Honey

Gently filtered to retain the healthy honey components

No honey for you

Local Raw honey – Now available


$12 One pound 16 oz. 

For a limited time we have larger containers of honey at a discounted price.  

$29 – Three pounds 

$46 – Five pounds (quart)  


Pick up at the Bee Farm (Wolford/Whitney) or you can pick up honey in the Countryside area of Clearwater (Enterprise / McMullen Booth).   Call 727 265 0381 


Sorry but we don’t carry bees pollen, honeycomb or propolis at this time.

Pickup after hours

We also have a ‘Honey Self Serve Box’ out at The Bee Farm on the gate so you can pick up some of our one pound (16 oz) containers of honey even if we’re not out there.  Just open the box and place your payment in the envelope or use paypal to tap5s@yahoo.com


Don’t even think about comparing our honey prices

No honey for you !

To the cheap fake honey in your bulk grocery stores.


Selling honey, plants and lip balm at Sweetwater Organic Farm in Tampa was fun and we made a lot of new friends.