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Peek into the World of Honey Bees

We have partnered with AirBnb to provide an affordable way to experience the world of Honey Bees

Availability and Booking

Get ready to put on a protective bee jacket and veil to experience taking a peek into the World of Honey Bees

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Bee Hive

Other Considerations

  • If there is a date that you would like to book but it’s not on the calendar, contact us to see if we can schedule it.  I try to keep the groups smaller but if you have a slightly larger group, give me a call to see if we can work something out.
  • This experience is highly dependent on the weather.  On a rainy day it wouldn’t be good for you or for the bees so if it looks like heavy rain we’ll need to reschedule.  All participants will be required to sign a waiver. 
  • We also will do whatever we can to accommodate handicapped individuals so they can also experience the world of honey bees.  
  • Guests need to wear appropriate clothing. Closed toed shoes with full socks (not ankle socks), loose long pants that cover the ankles and preferably a baseball type cap to keep the bee veil away from their nose and face.