Honey Bees for Sale

We provide the following information to help local beekeepers find healthy honey bees

Bee Hive

How to purchase Honey Bees locally in Pinellas County Florida

We work closely with a local beekeeper who raises honey bees and often has hives available for sale.  For information about these bees please contact Tim Conway @ (727) 412-4792

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Bees that are available

Pricing for Bees

Once you agree on a price and what type of hive you want to purchase you will then be told what to bring to the sale.  This will include how many deep frames and how many super frames (with plasticell foundation).  You will also need to bring a base a top and whatever boxes you have agreed to purchase. 

In essence, you will be purchasing honey bees, brood and honey comb and swapping out the hardware.