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Bee Rescue

We provide safe bee removal from your property

Please Help Save Bees

Honey bees are a precious species on the decline due to Colony Collapse Disorder. This is a real and threatening issue causing severe loss of bees—our major pollinators. By rescuing bees, we are able to relocate them where they can live a healthy life.

Please do not ever spray your unwanted honey bees with poison

Bee Hive

Saving Bees a Swarm at a Time

Please don’t harm inconvenient or nuisance bee swarms. We can give your honey bee swarms a new home at the Florida Bee Farm or another local apiary. If we are unable to remove your swarm we’ll make every effort to find a beekeeper who can help you.

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From Free to a Fee

In some cases when the swarm is easy to remove there may be no fee involved. But please bear in mind that there are travel expenses, and time, and labor involved in removing the swarm. Our goal is to make your property “bee free” as economically as possible.

A property owner may assume that a beekeeper may be getting a swarm of bees for free for removing them. In many cases a newly placed swarm leaves the apiary, following their queen bee, as a result of the trauma of being moved. The beekeeper’s effort is then for naught. Because of this, there is usually a charge for swarm removal but occasionally simple swarm removal may be free of charge. Removing honey bees can require travel time, a large amount of physical work and take several hours or more depending on the situation. In most cases beekeepers do need to charge for doing bee removals.