About the Bee Farm

Our  Florida Bee Farm” is a mini eco-farm located in Clearwater and completely solar powered. Our honey bees produce delicious natural honey.


For our plants and produce, we strive to utilize organic growing methods with naturally made compost and tonics to repel pests. Vermicomposting with red wiggler worms also makes excellent compost for our plants.

Growing delicious tomatoes is our passion and something that we keep getting better at every year.  We also grow blueberries, pineapple, banana, moringa, peppers, sugar cane, lemongrass, herbs and other fruits and veggies.  During the growing season sometimes you can pick your own veggies at The Bee Farm depending what is in season.  Unfortunately the big freeze of 2018 killed most of our plants.

We use a lot of recycled containers at The Bee Farm, but this one probably should have been rinsed out a little better